CNN Climate Town Hall showed once and for all how crazy climate alarmism is

"The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat."

The slowly diminishing circus of Democratic presidential hopefuls is engaged in a black cat–seeking exercise on a grand scale with regard to the highly emotional climate hoax.  They are seeking to frighten the populace with what is not there.  The clear and present danger is not weather-related disaster, but rather the assured calamity that will result from the outlandish proposals offered as solutions to a nonexistent problem.

The vacuity of the whole concept of climate change has been demonstrated in provable detail by many learned papers by credible authors.  Civilization as we know it will absolutely not end in ten or twelve or any number of years because of weather changes induced by mankind, as the alarmists so shrilly contend.

What is happening is that rabid socialists have found a fertile audience in the emotionally driven shallow thinkers of our society.  This group can be easily manipulated by appeals to emotion without having to resort to facts.

The political Left, the socialists and Marxists best defined by the current Democratic Party, have adapted the climate, made it an issue, and weaponized it as a tool in their long-term quest for total consolidation of power in the government and total control over our lives.

The Democratic presidential candidates are climbing all over each other trying to out-left the next one in their platform proposals, but let's stick to their recent climate proposals as illustrative of how absolutely absurd they have become.

To bring the insanity together, CNN felt compelled to host a Climate Change Town Hall so all the socialists could showcase their delusions in one place.  Here are some of the more mind-blowing solutions proposed to the non-problem.

Andrew Yang proposed that the government confiscate gas-fueled vehicles.  Everyone will have to drive electric cars.  He would also ban fracking.

Joe Biden will eliminate fossil fuel and certainly ban fracking.  He  opposes nuclear energy.  He blames climate change for cancer.  Doesn't everyone?

Kamala Harris's solution was to ban plastic straws and ban fracking.  She opposes nuclear energy.  Tough to suck it up with Kamala.

Bernie Sanders proposed abortions, especially for women in poor countries, to control population growth.  He would nationalize energy production and ban fracking.  He opposes nuclear energy.

Cory Booker cast the issue as environmental racism and would ban fracking.  How did we miss the connection between hurricanes and racism?  Oh, wait, see Bernie Sanders with regard to abortions.

Fauxcahontas Warren would stop building nuclear energy plants and ban fracking.  Said nothing about signal fires.

Beto O'Rourke, a representative from Texas, no less, vowed to get rid of all fossil fuels and ban fracking.  Also opposes nuclear energy.  Beto needs a new state — quickly.

Pete Buttigieg would tax fossil fuel and give the money to the poor.  There's a solution everyone missed.  He would also ban fracking and opposes nuclear energy.  Says God thinks greenhouse gases are a sin.  Let's be sure we have this straight: CO2 is a greenhouse gas and necessary for plant life, so, by extension, God says supporting plant life is a sin.

All of the candidates want to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement that Obama committed the U.S. to by executive order and President Trump wisely withdrew from.  The agreement amounted to a resource redistribution plan for the benefit of third-world nations, particularly since there is no climate change to solve.

None of the candidates seems to understand that the United States is the only nation in the world that has reduced its emissions over the past 15 years while growing its economy, nor do they understand that a major reason for that is the increase in the use of natural gas made possible by hydro-fracking technology.  They all want to ban the cleanest energy of all: nuclear energy.  None seems to have contemplated how greatly increased electrical demand will be satisfied with no fossil fuel or nuclear generation.  Wind and solar are too intermittent to satisfy a large percentage of demand anytime soon, and, without huge government subsidies, no alternative energy source is close to being affordable, not that any of these clowns cares.

The "Green Proposals" would destroy the economy of our nation, costing tens of trillions of dollars and returning nothing even if any of them were viable.  Worse, none solves any climate problems because there are no climate problems to solve.

The real irony is that less than 50 years ago, the previous generation of self-proclaimed climate experts were assuring us that the planet was on the verge of the next ice age.  Weather cycles in tens of thousands of years.  One must wonder what changed so dramatically in 50 years that our demise has gone from freezing to incinerating in a geological flash.  The answer is political narrative.  Certainly not the geophysics of weather.

Dave Ball is a voice for conservatism, the author of conservative political commentary, a guest on political talk shows, an elected official, and a county party official.

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