Cancel culture comes back to bite the Des Moines Register in the butt

Cancel culture is out there, in all its glory, in a rather disgusting story out of Iowa that began with a tug-on-the-heartstrings act of charity. A 24-year-old sports fan irreverently put out a sign on social media calling for beer money to buy himself more Busch beer and unexpectedly got more cash than he expected.  Instead of spend it on beer, he decided to donate it to a local children's hospital.  Corporate Anheuser-Busch decided to get in on the act and the goodwill he was generating and offered to donate in kind as a result.  Net result: a million bucks to a beleaguered children's hospital. After that, a Des Moines Register reporter decided to profile — "background check," as the paper put it — the young man, Carson King — and found two racist tweets he made seven years ago when he was 16. Problem here: The reporter who decided to do all that background-checking had a...(Read Full Post)
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