Canada's global warming models threw out actual historical data and substituted models of what the temperature should have been

Environment Canada, led by Justin Trudeau–appointed environment minister Catherine McKenna, is all in on the hypothesis that man-made global warming is an existential threat to humanity.  It is so important to hand control of energy use to the government that mere actual, historical data that might raise doubt about the extent of purported warming over time must be thrown out and replaced by "models" of what the "scientists" think the historical temperature record must have been. In other words, the computer models Canada uses to measure and project "global warming" are themselves based on other computer models.  The expression "garbage in, garbage out" refers to the vulnerability of all computer models to poor-quality data used as the basis of their calculations.  This raises the awkward question of the quality of the models used in place of actual historical data.  And it raises...(Read Full Post)
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