British 'globalism' challenges its democratic heritage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to do what has become next to impossible in the United Kingdom: enact the will of the British voting public. Shocked that a politician is actually following the voting will of the people?  His opponents are leaving no stone unturned in trying to defeat him and destroy the Conservative Party through their delusional anti-Brexit strategy. Instead, Brexit opponents are putting their faith in an oblique institution, the European Union (E.U.), against the majority of the British people who voted to leave.  By doing whatever they can to avoid leaving, the anti-Brexit voices are disregarding and perhaps undermining the historic commitment to representative government.  Ironically, all the parties as English citizens pledged to support the referendum vote result before it was announced in June 23, 2016.  But those commitments faded quickly.  Remember, the referendum passed by 51.9% to 48.1% to...(Read Full Post)
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