AG Barr’s trip to Italy on ‘official business’ may be a key to unmasking deep state entrapment of George Papadopoulos by CIA asset Joseph Mifsud

Attorney General William Barr quietly flew off to Italy on official business on Wednesday, a move first noticed by ABC correspondent Alex Mallin on Friday, September 27. He tweeted the news as an ABC scoop at 12:54 PM, Eastern Daylight time.  Once the trip was on the public record, and only 15 minutes later, at 1:09 PM, George Papadopoulos tweeted out his view that the trip was related to Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and CIA asset, who planted the information that the Russians had Hillary’s missing emails in hand, information that Papadopoulos later passed along to the Australian High Commissioner (ambassador) to Britain, who then passed this information along to US intelligence authorities as evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Here are the two tweets:





Leftists immediately started claiming that Barr was fleeing the country. The Palmer Report:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Attorney General Bill Barr is up to his neck in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal. Yesterday, Acting DNI Joseph Maguire publicly testified that Barr’s DOJ advised him not to turn over the whistleblower complaint to Congress, which is a real problem for Barr, since he knew he was one of the people accused of wrongdoing in the complaint. Now it turns out Barr is running and hiding.

The Daily Kos darkly hinted that something was going on with other “world citizens” who were in Italy, without any specifics.

William Barr was sworn in for his second term as Attorney General on Feb. 14, 2019 by the Chief Justice of the United States

Photo credit: US Departmemnt of Justice

A few hours later, Papadopoulos tweeted about “Azra Turk” the name used by a comely female agent posing  the “research assistant” of CIA asset Stefan Halper, a Cambridge don, who joined Halper and Papadopoulos for drinks and who allegedly flirted with young Papadopoulos.



Sundance of The Conservative Tree House connects a number dots. Read the whole thing, but let’s start with this:

First, the context… On Thursday night Carl Bernstein said: William Barr is preparing to deliver “evidence of a deep state conspiracy.”  Bernstein’s statement followed on the heels of Chairman Jerry Nadler proclaiming: “The President dragged the Attorney General into this mess,” [Nadler wrote on Twitter after the transcript was released]. “At a minimum, AG Barr must recuse himself until we get to the bottom of this matter.”

Then on Friday during an interview on MSNBC Morning Joe, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said AG William Barr had “gone rogue” in his efforts to protect President Trump

This suggests an all-out effort to limit the damage of what Barr will get on the record in Italy by preemptively discrediting Barr and mocking “conspiracy theories” that tell the story of what really happened in the planting of a story of Russian collusion and the harvest that followed via Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer transmitting it as “intelligence” from a reliable source.

Mifsud, a Maltese professor, disappeared for a while, but then re-surfaced and started acting as if he wants to become too public with too much already on the record to be terminated with extreme prejudice. Sundance continues:

According to an interview on August 18th, John Solomon reported the lawyer for Joseph Mifsud admitted his client was a western intelligence asset who was part of a CIA intelligence “operation” against candidate Donald Trump in March 2016.

Not only was the attorney admitting Mifsud was a western asset used by the CIA against Trump, but the lawyer also told Solomon about an audio-taped deposition that Joseph Mifsud gave prior to going into hiding after Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

From the description it sounds like Mifsud anticipated his assisted suicide and he recorded a deposition as leverage against his unwanted demise.

What Solomon describes in that interview would certainly explain why AG Bill Barr would want to personally interview Joseph Mifsud.  It would be difficult to think of a more serious allegation, an allegation that would clearly show evidence of a concerted plot against a presidential candidate, than the one described in that interview.

There is much more from Sundance. Read it to grasp the intensity of the effort to cover up exposure of the collusion with foreign intelligence agencies by the cabal seeking to deny Trump victory, then handicap his transition and unseat him once in office.

Also, recall that when a new conservative government took office in Italy, four top intelligence officials were fired.

My current reading of the situation is that the rushed impeachment efforts of House Democrats are intended to distract from and impugn the integrity of the investigation of the deep state plotters.

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