Adam Schiff, the Lady Macbeth of the House

"It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing"?


There are numerous people in Congress who should not be there for a variety of reasons: ignorance, incompetence, uncompromising partisanship, lack of patriotism, a dark heart full of hate, and sheer moonbattery.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, is shockingly ignorant of American history, basic economics, and essential science.  Rep. Hank Johnson worried some years ago that the island of Guam might "tip over" because most of the population was on one side of it.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, while watching the Mars Rover on Mars, asked where the flag that had been planted on the moon in 1969 was.  It is a long list, and it would be hilarious if such things were not actually spoken by people elected to represent their portion of America's citizens.  We all know that politicians lie.  They lie about what they are going to do and what they have or have not done.  "False face must hide what the false heart doth know."  Macbeth again.

Many of the men who claim to be feminists cheat on their wives and grope their secretaries.  Ted Kennedy comes to mind, as do Bill Clinton and Mark Sanford and a host of others through the years.  Many of the women play the gentle lady in public but are known to abuse their own staffs.  (Amy Klobuchar and Jackson Lee are both a bit like Lady Macbeth themselves in this regard.)  When one considers the countless crazy utterances of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren, we enter new and nuttier territory.

But at the moment, the most senseless member of Congress is the odious and sanctimonious Adam Schiff of California.  Like Lady Macbeth, he lacks humanity, and he burns with ambition.  In the span of just under three years, he has become Trump-deranged, incoherent, a man grasping at any thread with which to bring the president down, no matter how slender the filament.

This week, it is his fake "whistleblower" scenario.  Schiff is all aflutter, thinks he is a serious fellow, but he is a comic figure, a joke.  "To be thus is nothing..."

Since the moment Trump was elected, Schiff has been on the mythical Trump-colluded-with-Russia train.  He appeared on cable news programs hundreds of times, where he guaranteed, promised that he had proof of the Trump campaign's illicit dealings with Russians.  He did not.  He was the leaker-in-chief, sneaking out of SCIF conferences to spread rumors and lies to the media.  The phony Steele dossier remains his favorite work of fiction.

"Something wicked this way comes."  This week's whistleblower nonsense will fail to hurt the president, as have all of Schiff's dire allegations.  It is likely generated by bitterness of more people who have lost their jobs, like snitches Dan Coats and Sue Gordon.  Even CNN's Trump-hating Phil Mudd "blew a gasket."  As most people realize, the president can say what he wants to whomever he wants with impunity.

As will be clear by tomorrow, this is just another attempt by Schiff to throw shade at the president.  Schiff is a blight upon our nation, our Congress.  "I think our country sinks beneath the yoke.  It weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash is added to her wounds." Macbeth

Schiff was interviewed by Amna Nawz of the ever gullible PBS.  He revealed he actually knows nothing specific, he has suspicions, and he is furious that inspector general of the Intelligence Community Michael Atkinson won't capitulate to his ridiculous demands to spill the beans that Schiff is certain will indict the president.

Schiff insists that the whistleblower's complaint is "urgent and credible."  It is not.  This is just another feeble, unwarranted attempt to hurt the president.

Lady Macbeth was the most evil of Shakespeare's women, and she paid for her villainy.  Schiff should pay for his malevolence in 2020 at the ballot box.  "Your cause of sorrow must not be measured by his [Trump's] worth, for then it hath no end" (Macbeth).  Trump is a far, far better man than Mr. Schiff, and the voters know it.  They recognize a flimflam when they see it.

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter from public domain sources.

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