According to the AP, it is dumb white Democrat men who think Democrat policies are too far left

To summarize the following article from AP, dumb, white Democrat males think Democrat policies have moved too far left and might vote for Trump.  The highly educated, diverse group of people, especially women, are enlightened and will vote for the bold policies of the Left. The article further says Trump lost Congress in 2018 "in part because Trump's turbulent leadership style and divisive policies have alienated women." Now, when Obama's Democrats got stomped in 2010 and for the next six years, losing over 1,000 seats nationwide, we rarely if ever got stories that they lost because of Obama's turbulent leadership style and because he alienated anyone.  Usually it was because the people just didn't understand how wonderful progressive Democrat policies are. 'Way too extreme': Some Democrats warn against moving left The Democrats of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, crowded onto the steps of a local courthouse,...(Read Full Post)
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