A gay old time at the first straight pride parade

The first-ever Straight Pride Parade had a successful launch in Boston on Saturday.  The parody parade, organized by “Super Happy Fun America”, was attended by hundreds of people.  According to their webpage, “The Straight Pride Parade [was] held to achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond.”  The event started at Copley Square and the two-mile parade route ended at Boston City Hall where a “straight-pride” flag was risen, which has been the proud symbol of the movement for the “last 0.6 years.”


The event was also sponsored by Women of Eve, a women’s group which has been trying to get an ‘S’ for straight added to the LGBT acronym (complete with a petition).

Dangerous author and professional provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos was the Grand Marshall of the parade.  A video uploaded to Vimeo shows him tossing throat lozenges from a large float decorated in Trump/Pence banners to a crowd of protestors as they hurled homophobic insults to the openly gay former Breitbart editor.

Boston’s Emmerson College President Lee Pelton had sent out a school-wide memo in the days before the parade, encouraging students not to attend before completing a circuit on media circus to call the event a “perversion” and a “desecration of beauty, truth and generosity.”

 A parade organizer, Samson Racioppi, shot back claiming Emerson College was suppressing their free speech saying, “They’re just heterophobic.  They don’t want to afford us the right to walk down the street.  That’s all we want to do is walk down the street.”

While Super Happy Fun America said all were welcome at their parade, they did state on their webpage that “Antifa (short for Anti-Fun) and other hate groups are not welcome because they are not happy and fun.”  Antifa and hundreds of protestors showed up anyway and at least 34 arrests were made.

Even after the straight pride attendees dispersed, Antifa remained and tried to prevent law enforcement from reopening the road, while calling them Nazis, of course.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to crowdfund bail and legal fees for those that broke the law while spewing hate towards the parade-goers.

Other Leftists flocked to Twitter to express vitriol over a parade, mostly complaining about people finding their own normalcy worthy of celebration and the Trump 2020 flags that were on full display in the heart of Liberal America.  Some Resistance leaders went so far as to call attendees “Incels” and “Nazis.”

The right to peacefully assemble is a constitutional right of all Americans no matter what they have chosen to assemble for nor how ridiculous it might seem.  To exercise this right can never be considered hate speech no matter how loud those on the Left scream it to be.  The City of Boston issued parade organizers lawful permits and police helped maintain a level of security during the event.  Protestors still behaved in a  juvenile and pedantic manner… while calling the parade juvenile and pedantic.  It’s 2019 but they still want conservatives to stay in the closet.

The event itself still went off without a hitch or violence despite the wailing of the protestors and Twitter activists.  Overall seemed to be quite the gay time.  I’m happy to see this sort of comedic mirroring of social justice warriorhood in a time when leftist radicals are redefining being straight and a Trump supporter as extremism.  If the Left decides to get mad over a parade obviously intended to mock them and not see the irony, that is unfortunate but just adds to the humor.

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