A black writer dissolves the wall of idiocy around 'diversity' heroes

A few days ago, a dismaying story about woke-minded universities' removal of portraits honoring distinguished medical innovators and Nobel prize winners from their walls, solely based on the fact that they all, or most, were white male, was making the rounds. Here's a stunning good tweet in response to the logic of that and why it's a problem from Chloe S. Valdary, a young black writer for The Atlantic: In my view, this isn’t about diversity but about a lack of vision and imagination. When did we decide that if a person doesn’t look like us, we can’t see ourselves in their story? https://t.co/DqQIcdWvdB — Chloé S. Valdary ๐Ÿ“š (@cvaldary) August 31, 2019   Which makes absolutely perfect sense. Who among us hasn't, as a child or young adult, idolized someone who wasn't exactly like them? When I was a little kid, I played with dolls that didn't match my race or even hair color (I was...(Read Full Post)
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