Why you shouldn’t worry about the DOJ not prosecuting Comey on leaked memos

Lots of conservatives are understandably upset that the IG Horowitz’s criminal referral of James Comey for leaking classified memos memorializing his conversations with President Trump is not being prosecuted by the Department of Justice. It eerily reminds us of James Comey exonerating Hillary Clinton for her prima facie violations of the Espionage Act because he could perceive no criminal intent (which is unnecessary for gross negligence to apply).

We’ve been suckered before, so cynicism is warranted. Tucker Carlson opened his show last night making this point:

But there is more – much more – to the story this time. The case against Comey for leaking is weaker and less serious than his signing of the FISA warrant applications that corruptly cited the Steele Dossier, even though it was known to be unverified. IG Horowitz has a separate report coming on that, and US Attorney John Durham is reportedly working on prosecuting that.

Watch two very distinguished, high profile attorneys – Joe di Genova and Alan Dershowitz -- discuss this with Laura Ingraham. And as you do, imagine the potential consequences of taking as the first case against Comey a prosecution that could well be lost. Once a prosecution fails, the calls to drop the “political motivated persecution” would be legion. It is important that the first case taken to a jury be rock-solid and serious.

Update: I apologize that attempts to embed the video are not working. Please follow this link to view it.