Who says China's social credit system isn't practiced here? Check out what 20% of hiring managers are doing

Speaking of being held down.  Speaking of "cancel culture."  Has there ever been as blatant a civil rights violation as this, coming from a marketing company's survey?

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner found this:

American workers who like President Trump face sweeping bias against them, with some managers refusing to hire his supporters and those already employed facing discrimination and mockery, according to a new study.

In a survey of hiring managers and workers shared with Secrets, the marketing firm Airtasker found that left-leaning firms are especially anti-Trump, with 20% vowing to reject a job candidate who backs the president.

And those who support Trump and who are already in the workplace face substantial mockery, including name-calling. The survey listed the responses to several examples of what pro-Trump workers face:

  • 28%, joking about them.
  • 23%, overly critical of them.
  • 21%, being dismissive of them.
  • 11% facing name calling.

One out of five!  In other words, twenty percent of America's jobs are off-limits to people who voted for Trump.  Trump voters constitute 50% of the electorate but have access to only 80% of the jobs based on this survey, and if the left-right ratio of jobholders is proportionate to the population, it would mean that Trump voters have access to only 40% of the jobs out there.  It's political discrimination in spades, and they're getting away with it.

This is precisely what drove voters to elect President Trump in 2016.  It's why they surprised pollsters as a "silent majority," declining to put Trump bumper stickers on their cars out of knowing that leftist intolerance is out there and not wanting to run into it.  Now this news may propel them to elect him again in 2020 because news is out that the intolerance is not going away and now even the routes to opportunity and paths to success, such as in hiring, are involved.  Didn't get a job?  Maybe it's because you voted for Trump.  The perpetrators now are so comfortable turning people down over politics that they're admitting to doing it to pollsters.  It's a sign that cancel-culture among the establishment's elites is out of control and, in effect, is putting America well on the road to a China-style social credit system, with no central government necessarily ordering them.

What's more, it not only exists among hiring managers, but also exists in the anteroom to hiring, in the college admissions system, which specifically rewards social justice warrior applicants over equally qualified others, and who knows what other kinds of discrimination — Kyle Kashuv, call your office.  It also very obviously extends to faculty hiring, which is uniformly leftist.

It highlights a major civil rights issue no one's talking about, the discrimination of innocent Americans in the name of uniformity, not diversity, of ideas.  Want to know why Facebook and Apple and Twitter and Google seem to be monolithically filled with hostile leftists, now focused on manipulating the 2020 election?  The survey suggests that maybe its hiring managers are quite well represented among those who couldn't stop being intolerant.  Want to know why wealthy suburbs vote uniformly left-wing, even against their own interests?  Maybe this is because they got through the social credit gatekeeper system while others didn't, to get those good jobs landing them those good salaries for home-buying.  Social credit: It's not just for China anymore.

This signals that ending the wholesale discrimination of conservatives is actually pretty urgent. 

Having a large base of hiring managers discriminating against 50% of the population over something that has nothing to do with how they perform at their jobs is outrageous.  It ought to be met with a federal DoJ lawsuit, or a private-sector one from a group such as Judicial Watch or one of James O'Keefe's groups, and one hopes that may eventually happen.  At a minimum, President Trump and other Republicans should bring this up on the campaign trail and force leftists to answer for this blatantly anti-American practice that the establishment is getting away with.  Conservatives who think this will lead to justice in the long run might want to start sending applications to the firms they suspect of leftist discrimination in anticipation of a future payout.

Leftists for years have set the law, and not without conservative support, that so long as a person can do the job, his sexual orientation, race, sex, or any other factor is utterly irrelevant.  If those things can be irrelevant, how could political beliefs not be irrelevant, too?  That's the template people operate on now, that's the expectation normal people have.  Nobody expects a thumb on the scale for irrelevant factors, such as political orientation.  Everyone believes that America is the land of opportunity and expects to be given a fair chance no matter what their identity. The left is so invested in this idea, it has found ways to actually take it to excessive levels, insisting on putting even transsexuals in need of special medications in foxholes with Marines during wartime, or wanting to force Catholic priests to conduct the sacrament of matrimony on people whose lifestyle contradicts Church teachings on this logic. They can't back away from this idea now that the issue is discrimination based on political beliefs.

But they do it all the time in hiring, creating a de facto Chinese social credit system without telling anyone. In China, the Orwellian social credit system is what prohibits someone with 'wrong' views to be denied the right to purchase a plane ticket, or get into a desirable school. And coincidence of coincidences, the Silicon Valley bigs are the ones helping the Chicoms enact that sick system. Follars to donuts, they're at the forefront of taking it here, too, because the uniformity of views at their firms stands out.

One can only hope that the Department of Justice (and James O'Keefe) notice this report about blatant discrimination in hiring, take steps to identify the perpetrators (shop them with conservative decoys), sanction them punitively if they are found to be doing this (end their federal contracts or just bust them personally), and make them afraid of the consequences of discriminating against one half of the population in favor of another on irrelevant factors unrelated to the job. It's time to make them live by the laws and standards they themselves expect others to live by. Get them.

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