Warmist protesters debating plans to use Hong Kong airport–style disruption tactics elsewhere

The Hong Kong protesters have advanced the state-of-the-art of disruption of a modern economy.  While we admire their creativity and support their cause, we have to reckon with the reality that every other group with a deep grievance is watching and learning, and planning to make our lives hellish until it gets its way.  Such groups have observed that shutting down a major airport has major consequences for the elites who keep a city moving and power a modern economy.  It is a choke point more vulnerable than the customary tactics of disrupting traffic or demonstrating outside an office or major facility.

Hong Kong Airport had thousands of protesters, but several hundred might suffice. 
Photo credit: Wpcpey.

From Australia (paywall protected), we learn that warmist groups fanatically opposed to the massive Adani coal mine project in Queensland are mulling airport shutdown protests.  Renee Viellaris, federal political editor of the (Brisbane) Courier-Mail, writes:

THE climate change anarchist group regularly shutting down Brisbane streets have privately flagged adopting the "methods and tactics" of the Hong Kong protesters who crippled that city's airport for two days, stranding thousands of visitors.

The disturbing new idea by Extinction Rebellion SEQ has ramped up concerns about the group's escalating desire to cause greater disruption to commuters and the economy. (snip)

In a post among Extinction Rebellion SEQ members this week, one man states: "I am horrified looking at news from Hong Kong but am also fascinated by the methods and tactics used by the protesters there. It may be worth looking at how they are protesting and adapting some of these to local conditions?

"Imagine however the disruption if say someone was to temporarily disable the boom gates at the parking station?

"Simple, violent and not causing any permanent damage."

One group member replied: "The airport disruption was quite enormous." The original poster responded: "I thought this was a great tactic."

This is the same group that paralyzed traffic in the central business district of Brisbane on August 6, resulting in 70 arrests from among the hundreds of protesters.

Whether Brisbane's busy international airport is the next one to be shut down by a mob of protesters remains to be seen.  It might be any airport at any city in the world, where a few hundred protesters can be mobilized to press for their specific cause.  When people frame their demands as a matter of saving the world from doom (or Nazism, or whatever), fanatics are emboldened to make everyone else's life miserable in the name of their cause.  And now they have a shiny new toy in the disruption of air terminals.

Hat tip: John McMahon.