Trump again speciously blamed for the insanity of others

It is hardly a surprise that the leftists in the media and among the Democratic presidential candidates would immediately blame President Trump for the two horrific mass shootings that occurred over thirteen hours on Saturday.  It's what they do.  Having no scruples whatsoever, they jump at every opportunity to malign the president, no matter how specious their accusations.  

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This time may well be the worst of their politicizing of gruesome mass shootings.  Booker, Klobuchar, Ocasio-Cortez, Buttigieg, et al. could not wait to place the blame for these mass murders on Trump and his 70 million supporters.  While Trump has never uttered a racist word, their main talking point, the only plan they have to defeat Trump in 2020, is to convince voters that he is a hardcore racist.  

They all know he is nothing of the kind.  They all know he desegregated his elite golf club of Palm Beach.  They know he was pals with Don King, Mike Tyson, even the odious Al Sharpton in the old days.  They all know he is not a racist, but they do not care about the truth.  They care only about defeating the man who is showing them up day after day since he was elected by succeeding.  

In short, our Left is pathetic — pathetic because there is no there there.  They have no viable plans to pitch to 2020 voters.  Anyone who watched the debates knows that all they have is rage and anger — no vision, no respect for Trump's many accomplishments so far, just unmitigated fury.  

So again, in its default position after two more mass murders, again by two twenty-somethings angry at the world for their own personal deficits, their own internal demons, the Left goes for the jugular and blames Trump within minutes of the events.  Leftists blame him before they know that both shooters were Democrats.  The media even tried to alter the El Paso shooter's manifesto to make him a Republican.  That is how unscrupulous and desperate these people are.  

It is well and truly monstrous.  Op-ed writers like the despicable Jennifer Rubin cheered the ridiculous words of Beto O'Rourke, and candidate Pete Buttigieg blamed Trump as soon as he could get in front of a television camera.  No matter that both shooters have been ill for far longer than Trump has been in office.  Details, details!  

As Dennis Prager has often noted, truth is not a leftist value.  No.  They favor fake news because they truly believe that voters, especially Trump-supporters, are toothless, ignorant rubes.  They think that by coordinating their principal talking point, "Trump is a white nationalist, a racist," enough voters will be fooled and vote for their economy-killing, health care–demolishing agenda.  Clearly, voters are not that stupid.  

Who is actually moronic?  The leftists in Congress and their cohorts in the media who speak with one voice, with the exact same words and phrases.  Who doles out the talking points?  Who is the ventriloquist who puts the same words and phrases in their mouths?  Soros?  Tom Perez?  Tom Steyer?  The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP)?

Who knows?  But we do know this: whoever it is hates this country and wants to destroy it as founded or at least transform it, as Obama promised to do and, to a large extent, did.   Does anyone think the Left would, as it is now, want to ban free speech had not Obama been president for eight years?  Would toddlers be undergoing gender transition?  Would the notion of over fifty gender identities be listed and accepted as real on university campuses?  Would transgendered men to women be destroying women's competitive sports?  Would the Left have succeeded in making all restrooms non-gender, even in elementary schools? 

No to all of the above.  These things all came about under Obama and with his enthusiastic approval.  Trump was elected because a majority of American people fear for their country for good reason.  It has been under attack for decades by the radical left, and the Left was granted free rein under Obama with his blessings.

So enamored of their freedom to lie, to malign the innocent, to fabricate narratives (the Russia hoax) to further their goals, leftists have abased themselves yet again by pretending that Trump is to blame for the crimes of insane, deranged persons.  He of course is not.

Who is to blame?  The vicious Left, the media that fan the flames of violence day after day with impunity, ever proud of their work.  They encourage and praise the violence of Antifa.  

What the American Left has become over the last ten years is reprehensible, ignoble.  They loathe the nation and its millions of people who just want to be left alone, to be self-reliant and free.  They want to enjoy the liberty guaranteed by our Constitution.  By jumping to blame Trump for the crimes of others, leftists have demeaned themselves once again.  They will not be rewarded for their malfeasance.

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