Transgender insanity: Another big battle in the war on common sense

I'm guessing you have already noticed that there is a war on common sense going on all around us, but have you heard about this recent assault in that war?  It's a doozy.  A women's shelter is being sued for turning away a man dressed in a nightgown.  Really. According to the reports, a very large and very inebriated man dressed in a nightgown showed up at a women's shelter in downtown Anchorage, Alaska seeking entry.  He was not admitted to stay the night. As a result, the shelter is now embroiled in a legal battle.  The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission (AERC), an administrative agency within the municipality of Anchorage, has brought a discrimination case against the shelter.  Because the person who was turned away, one Jessica Doe, claims to identify as a female, the shelter is charged with discriminating against Doe on the basis of "sex and gender identity."  The strange phrase...(Read Full Post)
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