Tlaib and Omar expose the Democratic Party for what it has become: the party of Jew-hatred

The latest campaign of the Left, following the exposure of the Russia-collusion hoax as a fabrication from the outset, is to brand President Trump as a racist and to similarly indict his supporters as racists, too.  This is foolish on its face, but that's the leftists' plan, and they are sticking to it.  The NYT is leading this shift in the Left's propaganda campaign, but nearly every anchor on CNN and MSNBC is on board with the enthusiasm of children at the circus.  Everyone who voted for Trump is a racist.  If we vote for Trump in 2020, we are racists.  Those who attend a Trump rally are racists.  All white men are racists, of course, and dangerous to all.  The foolish words uttered on those two cable outlets are outrageous. It is the Left as well that is so invested in the "science" of trangenderism.  Leftists willingly promote the notion persons born as male can legitimately...(Read Full Post)
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