Tlaib and Omar expose the Democratic Party for what it has become: the party of Jew-hatred

The latest campaign of the Left, following the exposure of the Russia-collusion hoax as a fabrication from the outset, is to brand President Trump as a racist and to similarly indict his supporters as racists, too.  This is foolish on its face, but that's the leftists' plan, and they are sticking to it.  The NYT is leading this shift in the Left's propaganda campaign, but nearly every anchor on CNN and MSNBC is on board with the enthusiasm of children at the circus.  Everyone who voted for Trump is a racist.  If we vote for Trump in 2020, we are racists.  Those who attend a Trump rally are racists.  All white men are racists, of course, and dangerous to all.  The foolish words uttered on those two cable outlets are outrageous.

It is the Left as well that is so invested in the "science" of trangenderism.  Leftists willingly promote the notion persons born as male can legitimately become female and compete fairly against girls and women in sports.  They have no problem with them winning over and over and over again.  But in fact, there are still only two sexes yet an abundance of seeming gender dysphoria, gleefully encouraged by the LGBT "community" and the Left's capitulation to it.

How many young lives are being destroyed by what has become a fad of the "woke" people?  The Left does not care about lives destroyed.  If it did, it would fix the border crisis and save the thousands of young girls being trafficked there.

So doesn't it follow that conservatives could rightfully assume all the Democrats, in and out of Congress, are anti-Semites?  Not one of them has voiced a word of criticism about proud anti-Semites Omar and Tlaib and their stunt with their proposed trip to Israel.  Surely, they all know the two Muslim women are aligned with Mitfah, a pro-terrorist group founded by Hanan Ashrawi, an Arafat pal.  In their press conference on Monday, they lied about their plans for the proposed trip.  It was going to be all about bashing Israel and promoting the BDS movement, the global plan to destroy the tiny Jewish homeland, one way or another.

American Jews used to overwhelmingly vote Democrat despite the party's history of racism: pro-slavery, Jim Crow, opposition to the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, and the "soft bigotry of low expectations" (George W. Bush).  After the Holocaust, American Jews felt a kinship to American blacks and their suffering under slavery and Jim Crow.  Up until the Civil Rights movement, though, most African-Americans were Republicans, like Martin Luther King.  That changed when Bobby Kennedy, not Nixon, got MLK out of the Birmingham jail in 1960.  That one clever bit of politicking on the part of RFK swung many black voters to the Democratic Party.  So, for nearly sixty years, Democrats have demonstrated their loyalty to the party that has done absolutely nothing for them but take them for granted.  Zogby's latest poll suggests that perhaps they are beginning to wise up!  Trump's policies have done more to lift black Americans and Hispanics out of poverty than any president ever. 

While Jews make up only 2.5% of the American population, they are 10% of the Senate and 7% of the House.  And yet not one of them has the courage or fortitude to speak out against the vile anti-Semitism of Omar and Tlaib and their overtly planned stunt to set up Israel with their despicable plan.  What does this say about our Jews in Congress?  Perhaps it reveals that they hate our president more than they embrace their faith or support Israel.  Are they too hoping for Israel's demise, for it to be driven into the sea?  It's a fair question. 

It is likely that both Omar and Talib were breastfed their anti-Semitism from birth and that neither of them is interested in the historical facts of the region.  The Arabs of Palestine (it was never a nation) and their mufti were aligned with Hitler during WWII and hoped to exterminate the Jews of Israel even then, so Omar and Tlaib have a lot of nerve calling the detention centers on the border "concentration camps" and constantly suggesting that Trump is a neo-Nazi or even likening him to Hitler.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  One can reasonably assume that Tlaib's 90-plus-year-old grandmother, like the rest of the Arabs of Palestine, was supporting the genocidal work of Hitler during WWI.

Tlaib at the August 19, 2019 press conference (YouTube screen grab).

Given the rhetoric of the Democrat candidates and the silence of those in Congress, there is no longer any doubt that the Democratic Party supports anti-Semitism.  They are willingly being led down the path of Jew-hatred as surely as the German people were in the 1930s.  So there is every reason in the world for conservatives, Republicans and people who still recognize the difference between right and wrong and the insidiousness of racism and all kinds of prejudice to condemn the Democrat party as  malignant.  Perhaps Omar and Tlaib have been given a public voice in order to wake up a sleeping giant and to fill them with a terrible resolve.