The long string of errors and excuses around Epstein's death raises even more questions

The scolds in the press are calling out anyone questioning the death of accused child sex–trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, but the series of errors surrounding the case are getting hard to conclude anything else — and they just keep coming.  The latest is that Epstein's prison guards faked records of their surveillance of him and slept on the job.

What else is one to make of the chaotic claimed incompetence surrounding the pervert's death in prison now rolling out in the press?  It sounds as though this prison wasn't really about being a prison, but maybe a political patronage outfit, where competence is less important than political loyalty.

Here's a New York Times list of just how many errors went down so far:

  • Epstein supposedly tried to commit suicide on July 23.  There have been conflicting reports about whether that could be true — some reports say he claimed that someone tried to do him in; others say he was not suicidal, and in any case, he had zero remorse for his crimes.
  • They put him on suicide watch for a few days...and then some psychiatrist said he was fine (which raises issues of the psychiatrist's competence and violated protocols there as well), and then took him off.
  • They stuck him in a cell and failed to give him a roommate, something that's not normally done.  Oh.
  • They gave him a bed sheet, the perfect instrument for a suicidal person to do himself in.  Oh, again.
  • They "forgot" to turn on the security cameras, or the cameras, somehow, just weren't working.
  • The guards were supposedly on overtime and overworked, a convenient excuse.  (How much were they making for that?)
  • One of the guards...wasn't a guard.
  • They failed to check him for hours, sleeping on the job instead.
  • They wrote up false records claiming they did...

How many other errors are coming?  Why such a long string of errors, and why should this institution be trusted for anything in light of this outrageous setup?

How much do these guards make?

The errors here are the kind that can be made only when a prison is not really about being a prison, but perhaps something else, such as a political patronage machine.  How'd these clowns get their jobs?  Who recommended them?  What were their ties to the Democratic machine rackets?

These errors point to a political outcome that must be investigated, hard, with zero mercy for anyone involved in a crime or cover-up for political purposes.  Many, many Democrats, the people Nancy Pelosi's daughter called the "faves," are breathing a sigh of relief that Epstein is no longer around to talk about them.  Politics is all over this case, and now we get these weird claims to incompetence, the dog-ate-my-homework incompetence. 

This, by the way, was the very same prison the Southern District of New York's prosecutors wanted to stick Paul Manafort in, a guy they wanted to pressure to come up with some kind of dirt to pin on President Trump...or else.  The plan to stick Manafort in this very same place Epstein died in was supposed to be a "compromise" in lieu of placing Manafort on the even more repulsively run Rikers Island.  With this much politics swirling around the death of Epstein, which just happens to be very convenient for a lot of Democrats who took trips with the pervert to his private Caribbean Island for sex doings with his underage girls, questions about the politicized nature of this prison is are very good ones given what goes down in this sorry excuse for a big house.

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter from public domain sources.