The left's big blame game after El Paso: Guns, Trump, white supremacy

The left is trying to make political hay again over a mass shooting in El Paso and then another one in Dayton, blaming the whole thing on -- take your pick, guns, President Trump, or white supremacy. Just look at them go and this is hardly a comprehensive sampling of all versions of these same arguments out there:
























It's nothing but cheap opportunism of the sleaziest sort.

Guns have been around since the Constitution was signed and mass shootings have been around since the dawn of the 20th century. They seem to be getting more frequent now, which is why people are wanting answers, too. Always, it's some young adult who's alienated and had a problem with their upbringing. There's some kind of problem of the heart. And almost always, there's some kind of use or abuse of drugs. The Middle Eastern terrorist spray shootings were a variant of their era but seem to have related causes and comparable mass killer profiles. Today, the shooters are usually teenaged or young white adult males alienated by too much video games and Internet chat boards (this one from El Paso posted his manifesto here), a crazed desire for fame and significance in an era that degrades white males as the cause of all the world's problems, zero knowledge of how to make themselves matter, lots of ego, and some kind of glomming off the news to create that significance they crave from their empty heads. It's always something addled, and this freak (guess what, I am not naming him) was cartoonishly inchoate, as if he only had the most rudimentary understanding of how the world worked, his manifesto was a mixture of Nazi lebensraum greenthink and rage against Mexicans. Copycats within ten days of a mass shooting and a flood of media coverage are very common, experts say, which fits El Paso and Dayton to a tee. These were copycats.

None of this is stopping Democrats and leftists from their lockstep solution of gun control, something that didn't stop mass shootings in these gun-free zones (Gilroy was a gun-free zone). And banning guns in any case, would just mean these maniacs would use cars (as they did in London,) arson fires in buildings full of people (as one did in Japan), or knives (again, as was done in London). It's a glib non-solution. Gun bans even excite some of them, as the New Zealand mass killer had held that as part of his agenda. This creep inspired some of these recent shootings in the copycat dynamic.

What's also obnoxious is their claim that Trump, who condemned the maniac and sent comfort to the victims, was somehow responsible. Trump has never advocated mass shooting or justified anyone who has. That won't stop the left. Already, they have attempted to paint the killer as a Republican, actually changing the man's registration from Democrat to Republian on some social media site as GatewayPundit reported here. They've also been passing around a phony photo claiming that a photo of guns spelling out the name of Trump was something the killer brought to the fore - it's actually been around for years. It's a desperate effort to tie this killer to Trump and it's pure garbage. Actually, it's quite likely that the red state of Texas is going to execute this loser even as the gun control lobby turns itself into the anti-death penalty lobby, so we know the opportunism is already ready to twist to confront. These people trying to pin the whole thing on Trump just hate right wingers and want to blame them for every inchoate freak raised badly as their means of gaining power.

The political opportunism is disgusting. And counterproductive. And it sure as heck isn't going to work. Maybe they should shut the heck up for long enough for the sane people of Texas and Ohio to just clear the bodies.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot, with modification by Monica Showalter