The Left creates a hullabaloo over denying green cards to migrants who are public charges

The Left is having a meltdown over the Trump administration's effort to begin enforcing longtime U.S. law about issuing green cards only to legal immigrants unlikely to become public charges. "Damage the economy," blared the Los Angeles Times, citing a slew of open-borders advocates.  "A cruel and racist campaign," yelled a leftist state attorney general, the Connecticut Mirror reported.  It's a coast-to-coast collective howl, and another pile of lawsuits, once again, over whether the law means the law, are now commencing. The whole thing goes to show how intertwined mass migration has become with the use of taxpayer-financed welfare services.  The original American idea around immigration had been one of requiring a new entrant to show self-sufficiency instead of living off some feudal lord — supplicant, dependent, and obedient to the...(Read Full Post)
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