The kindness of socialism

Socialism is the quieter path to Communism. Vladimir Lenin said, "The goal of Socialism is Communism." According to Tom Perez, Chairmen of the Democratic National Committee, socialist candidates are the future of that party. But anyone who has paid attention lately knows that they are its present.

Almost all of the Democrat candidates for president support socialism. They have not yet openly supported Rashida Tlaib's claim that the rich did not earn their wealth, which she says should be confiscated and given to the poor. But the wealthy already pay most of the taxes in America. And since the Democrats want to give free everything to everyone, it must be presumed that they know who would have to pay the bill for all that free stuff. 

Socialism is not kind, however. In practice, it has always led to ubiquitous poverty. The wealthy class are devastated, but not to spread the wealth evenly. The wealth that is stolen from the wealthy ends up in the hands of a new class of overlords of society, those who had promised that all would be equal after the victory of the revolution over the unjust wealthy classes.

And when the new overlords are in power, after they have confiscated what did not belong to them, and after "nationalizing" industries "for the benefit of all," they then assign as administrators of industry, of utilities, and of all departments and institutions of society, those who are more corrupt, inept, and stupid than any capitalist. A capitalist, after all, wants the system  to continue to produce. A socialist only wants to confiscate that which a capitalist created. That is the historical model.

So while socialism pretends to be kinder than capitalism, it really only produces poverty, degradation, and chaos. Socialists do not know how to govern. And in order to maintain control, they find it convenient to exercise totalitarian power. 

They disarm the population. They prohibit criticism of the government. They intimidate, persecute, jail, torture, and execute dissidents and the opposition. They do all they can to control communications, associations, movement, employment, food, electrical power, and whatever else they might control.

But since they are so corrupt, inept, and stupid, while they are robbing their compatriots blind, they allow infrastructure, industry, and the economy, all of which they have taken over, to crumble, leaving the population to sink out of prosperity into a mean daily existence centered around finding a morsel of food. That is the essence of the kindness of socialists.

Of the Democratic presidential candidates known for the longest as loving the socialist paradigm, Bernie Sanders has said that Venezuela's is a model society. But to be fair, he said that when finding toilet paper in Venezuela was still possible. Today he might see things somewhat differently. 

If elected as president, any one of the Democrat candidates would do their utmost to arrange America's economic affairs so as to advance the same Cloward-Piven strategy that has been for decades at the center of the Democratic Socialist movement to bankrupt America. They really have not been trying to hide it.