The French cheese-eating surrender monkeys did it again

About 20 years ago, a faux French teacher on The Simpsons sneeringly labeled the French "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."  Based on their highly self-proclaimed but pathetically nonresistant Resistance against the Germans during World War II, when the Germans easily occupied France after a kindergarten-strength French opposition followed by French appeasement of and collaboration with their supposed enemy, the description stuck.  Jonah Goldberg at National Review immediately grabbed the phrase and uses it often.  And effectively.

Based on recently released information about a contemporary French surrender to evil in the Israeli online site Israel HaYom (Israel Today) taken from a French newspaper, it seems The Simpsons' writers and Goldberg didn't go far enough analyzing the depths of French perfidy. 

A breakthrough in the investigation into the 1982 terrorist attack at the Chez Jo Goldenberg Jewish deli in Paris, which killed six people and wounded 22, sheds light on one of the more disgraceful chapters in French history.

Following the attack, French authorities reportedly agreed to a secret pact with Palestinian terrorist organization behind the massacre — the Abu Nidal group — guaranteeing Abu Nidal operatives free movement within France in exchange for a promise of no further attacks on French soil.

French newspaper Le Parisien reported over the weekend that in January of this year the former head of French domestic intelligence (DST) Yves Bonnet, confessed to making the deal to the magistrate in charge of investigating the terrorist attack.

"We made a kind of verbal deal in which I said, 'I don't want any more attacks on French soil and in return, I'll let you come to France and I guarantee nothing will happen to you,'" the paper quoted Bonnet as having said.

The pact was allegedly reached during a clandestine meeting shortly after the attack between Bonnet and representatives of the Abu Nidal group — not the terrorists who executed the massacre, he claimed, but individuals he described as their "stooges."

According to Bonnet, the pact worked, insofar as there were no attacks on French soil "from late '83, '84 and until the end of 1985." Among the concessions made during that time by the DST was the permission for two Abu Nidal terrorists to visit one of their comrades in a French prison.

The people in the highest echelons of the French government knew of and approved of the deal.

Bonnet claimed the then-French president François Mitterrand's chief of staff was informed of the deal, but that "officially … the Élysée knew nothing." Investigators, also kept in the dark over the deal, have asked to interview other members of the intelligence services who have refused to speak until now, claiming it was a matter of national security.

The debased terrorists are still living the good life in Norway (yes, Norway), Jordan, and Gaza 37 years after their inhumane attack, continuing to do what they most enjoy — uninterruptedly plotting murder and horror with the wild approval of the Muslim world and also parts of Europe.

Will the French make a real effort to capture these subhumans and their associates?  As past behavior is the best predictor of present and future behavior, my prediction is that the French will publicly make a great show of French justice but behind the scenes will continue to act as French surrender monkeys so they can enjoy their 1,000 or so varieties of cheeses.

Priorities, you know.

Image credit: lucasbfr.