Sweet meteor of death: Google bigs throw global warming party conference, and 114 carbon-spewing celebrity private jets roll right in

It's kind of like putting dishes of beer out to trap garden snails.

Google founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page have put on a "conference" for all their celebrity best friends forever, for the virtue-signaling purpose of lecturing the rest of us on global warming.  They'd like us to cut back on the air conditioning, end the use of straws, take the public bus, and do away with toilet paper, all to save the Earth.

They flew to the exclusive resort in Sicily for it on 114 carbon-spewing private jets, and an untold number of gargantuan yachts, to get in on the shindig. 

And while it was billed as a conference, it looked a lot like a party.  Here's the Daily Mail's report:

On Tuesday, even more guests arrived at the property, with Nick Jonas and new wife Priyanka Chopra leading the charge of celebrities heading to the island for the three-day conference which is believed to have begun on Monday and finished last night. 

Styles was seen behind the wheel of a luxury car while driving with his friends Jeff Azoff and Ben Winston to the temple. 

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia, who later performed on stage on Tuesday, posted an picture of herself getting ready for the event and then walking around the temple ruins. 

Coldplay also performed at the temple on the final night on Wednesday.  

Prince Harry also attended the event back in 2017 — and may have taken Meghan Markle along with him.

The pair made their first public appearance together at a polo match in Ascot in May that year, and a week after the Google conference she was spotted in London with her mother celebrating her birthday. 

Here's a video:

Sounds like a whale of a party, invitations only, a Davos without the Davos or its pretentions of deep thinking.  So we see Prince Harry, rapidly dismantling the rationale for keeping the U.K. royal family on the grounds that it's non-political; Harry Styles; Diane von Furstenberg; smelly, farty Leo DiCaprio; Katy Perry; Barry Diller; David Geffen; Stella McCartney; Coldplay; Sting.  Can't have a global warming save-the-rainforest party without good old Sting.  Party hearty to save the Earth — message received.  All to virtue-signal to the rest of us about the emerging threat of global warming and how we must all "make a difference."

Had enough? As Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit often observes: "I'll believe it's a crisis when the people who keep telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis — by making any sort of actual personal sacrifice at all."

They don't.  Actually, they seem to be ramping up their carbon footprint with shindigs of hypocrisy like this one.  It's one thing for robber barons to have a party, and fine if they do.  It's quite another if they want to lecture us on global warming as its purported purpose — like, maybe they can't get the celebs to come otherwise.  Could it be that?  They haven't paid a bit of attention to previous criticism of the global elites' jettings to Bali or whatever to talk up global warming in the past; they just keep doing it bigger and bigger.  Is Elizabeth Warren going to start yelling about Giant Corporations for this one?

As the bloggers like to say, oh, sweet meteor of death...

Image credit: Screen shot from shareable Daily Mail video

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