Will Joaquin Castro return all those donations he took from the Trump donors he doxxed?

Congress's sleaziest unjailed doxxer, Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, went and "outed" 44 Republican local San Antonio–based donors to President Trump's re-election campaign.  He got a lot of flak for it, of course.  But instead of apologizing for his obvious effort to incite harassment of his own locals for exercising their constitutional right to participate in political campaigns, he doubled down with this unmitigated dreck:

Anyone who believes that Castro is capable of a "lament" is out to lunch.  His series of tweets were pure malevolence, worsened by a barrage of bald-faced lies trying to make himself look like the good guy.

It all went swimmingly for him, too.  Until Fox News turned up an uncomfortable fact:

EXCLUSIVE: Trump donors whose names and employers were posted in a highly controversial tweet by Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro blasted the Texas congressman on Wednesday for what they described as a "ridiculous" stunt and, in interviews with Fox News, rejected his claim that they are "fueling a campaign of hate" against Hispanics.

One of those Trump donors even revealed he's also been a supporter of local Democratic lawmakers — including Castro himself.

And the Washington Examiner found out that there were six of them:

In attempting to embarrass constituents who donated to President Trump, Texas congressman Joaquin Castro appears to have overlooked the fact that six of those he named also gave cash to him and his twin brother, 2020 Democrat Julián Castro.

Joaquin Castro on Monday drew a torrent of criticism when the Twitter account operated by his reelection campaign listed 44 residents of San Antonio who donated the maximum amount to President Trump's campaign for reelection so far this year.

"Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump — the owner of ⁦@BillMillerBarBQ⁩, owner of the ⁦@HistoricPearl, realtor Phyllis Browning, etc⁩." the Monday tweet said. "Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as 'invaders.'"

So after declaring these donors as people who are "fueling a campaign of hate," we now learn that quite a few of them also contributed to Castro's campaign.

GOP chief Ronna McDaniel has the only really good response to this kind of jackassery:

It's time to pay up, Joaquin.  Your no-good brother Julián needs to return the cash, too. 

It's tainted, dirty cash by Joaquin's own reckoning, a cause for doxxing and harassment.  The little creep needs to be told to return it or be politically tainted as a hypocrite forever.  Even the Trump-Castro donors told Fox News they won't be giving this little weasel who doxxed them any more of it.  So now he needs to shell out, return the cash, because, as he claims, it's bad cash.  Let this dirty stunt on normal Americans exercising their constitutional rights cost him something.  Shell out, doofus.

Here's a fine lagniappe from McDaniel, posting a disgusted statement from a Latina voter:

If he's that out of touch with the local sentiment in San Antonio, and has drawn even the contempt of Latino voters for it, maybe it's time for him to pack up anyway.  Dirty stunts are beautiful things when they blow back into the faces of their malice-minded perpetrators.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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