So who are the Democrats' 'faves' who might be breathing a sigh of relief at Epstein's demise?

Now that Jeffrey Epstein's dead in the strangest of circumstances - the accused child sex trafficker reportedly said someone tried to murder him three weeks ago, the guy got taken off suicide watch by some psychiatrist who said he wasn't suicidal, the guy turns up dead, the guy's prison security cameras mysteriously malfunctioned, it's not hard to think someone wanted him dead, either by "allowing" him to do himself in, or else by doing the KGB thing in the Manhattan Correctional Center.  The press has thrown flak at Twitter and President Trump who called the case for Arkancide. American Thinker contributor Taylor Day, in her July 25 piece, did make a compelling case as to why this could actually happen. Which inevitably draws attention back to remarks by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine, who said on July 7 that a lot of Democratic 'faves' might be going down with this bust of Jeffrey Epstein. As the...(Read Full Post)
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