Slaying the imperial dragon

America is trapped in a living nightmare dominated by the Imperial Dragon of Washington, D.C. But why not have a dream of mythic proportions? Let’s dream about slaying the dragon.  The administrative state, sometimes called the Deep State, undermines the country. D.C. is the hub of concentrated power used to control the country down to the most basic level.  If citizens allow D.C. to determine the size of their commodes, they will allow most any kind of centralized control. In effect, D.C. is an Imperial City ruling by edict.  This is supported by the fact that the richest five counties in the country are located around DC. These areas are where the imperial elite live -- highly paid bureaucrats in lifetime jobs, lobbyists, think-tankers and the good friends of lobbyists in Congress along with mainstream media enablers. Congress is broken and has no intention of revoking the Imperial City now or in the foreseeable future. What needs to be done? The capital...(Read Full Post)
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