Single payer? Elizabeth Warren lets slip that she'll ram it down our throats whether we like it or not

As things stand now, Elizabeth Warren seems to be the broad winner of the four rounds of Democratic debates. Despite her fussy, fulminating, shaky old Granny Warren demeanor, her plans were more developed than most, and she gave more cerebral detail about what she really wanted. Which among many things included socialized medicine, even for illegals, via single payer.

Warren was steady, she didn't flip flop between debates like Kamala Harris. She didn't try to run from her record like Joe Biden. She didn't wave dreamy magic wands of Utopia like Bernie Sanders. She didn't flow with the crowd on out-socialisting her rivals like the rest of them. She was the benchmark and the rest were trying to catch up to her, generally speaking.

So when asked about those sweeping, society-overturning, socialized medicine plan of hers, and how she'd implement it, asked oh so solicitously by former Obama operative David Axelrod, Warren responded with a justification that would make an icy commissar smile. According to Legal Insurrection (emphasis mine):

Axelrod, now a CNN contributor, said to Warren after the debate:

You said something interesting when was, it isn’t good enough to argue that the country doesn’t want this. It does seem as if you’re running for president that you ought to take into consideration what the country wants. And the fact is large numbers of people oppose the Medicare for All proposal if it replaces private insurance.

We’ve seen it in poll after poll, a large number of people in this country do not believe the border should be decriminalized. A large number of people in did country don’t believe that undocumented immigrants should qualify for public [aid]…

I appreciate your feelings about these issues and I’m very passionate about health care myself. I was in the White House when we fought just to get the Affordable Care Act, couldn’t get a public option. So Bernie Sanders was there. He knows that. He knows that what he’s talking about is not going to happen any time soon.

And so should the party move forward — this is what Democrats are asking. Do we move forward with these idealized proposals that are going to beg opposition and make it easier for Donald Trump to make his case and win re-election when the stakes are so high? This is what a lot of Democrats are worried about.

Warren insisted “she would build a movement to gain support and reminded Axelrod that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act passed despite not having the majority support of American people.

So if Obama succeeded in ramming the much-detested Obamacare down the American peoples' throats (through muscle and trickery -- remember Bart Stupak? -- then she, too, would ram it down the American peoples' throats, whether they like it or not. So much for all that talk she spews about democracy. Democracy to her is going along with the power she wants for herself. That was her accidentally revealed plan, that was her justification for her plan. My way or the high way and You Will Like It.

Even though voters had been lied to and burned once in the Obama era, didn't want it for good reason and still don't want it. The nightmare of Obamacare is the only reason Democrats are putting forth even more extremist medical plans for the U.S. today, and they feel justified in doubling down to push more such failed and unpopular policies through. Whether we like it or not.

It's a rather stunning admission, outrageous in the extreme. It's tyranny. It's what commissars do. If the American people don't want something, Warren has just announced that she's going to ignore them and give it to them anyway, good and hard. They've got nothing to say about it.

One can only hope that Republicans seize on this budding tyrant mentality within Warren and drives it home to voters as Warren stumps for their votes based on her personality and pretty promises. She doesn't care what you want. She wants what she wants. The democracy thing is for show. The less you like her plan to take over your health care, the happier she is.

Image credit: Shareable CNN video screen shot