Report: Charlotte Police canceling all vacations in fear of major violence during GOP convention next August

Respected journalist Paul Sperry took to Twitter with a report that I see nowhere else, about the sort of violence that police in Charlotte, NC expect when the GOP holds its convention there exactly one year from now (CMPD stands for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department that serves the entire county of which Charlotte is the country seat):

I am so old – far older than most of those planning to disrupt the convention – that I remember vividly the riots that took place at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The antiwar fanatics, including Yippies who later were dubbed the “Chicago 7” when put on trial, did not want Vice President Hubert Humphrey to receive the nomination and continue the Vietnam War policies of his boss, President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

They conducted riots outside the convention and on the streets of downtown Chicago --  much of it televised by the TV networks – attempting to disrupt the convention. The Naitonal Guard was called up, and were taunted by demonstrators, resulting on many confrontations like this:

Photo credit: Warren K. Leffler

The arrogant, self-righteous, repellant radicals managed to repulse a large segment of the American public who watched on television. The result was the election of Richard Nixon and a GOP pickup of seats in both the House and Senate.

The CMPD serves a jurisdiction with a population of 869,495 and has 1,972 sworn officers. I assume it is a  capable and professional organization, but it lacks the resources of a city the size of Chicago, although state officers as well as neighboring jurisdictions can be called upon if necessary, aswasthe case in Chicago. Given the crazed fanaticism of the Trump-haters (see this for an example yesterday), there could well be a spectacle in Charlotte that exceeds what Americans viewed in Chicago, amplified by the ubiquity of cell phones with their video capabilities.

I hope and pray there will be no bloodshed in Charlotte, but I am not betting on it.