Rep. Rashida Tlaib spews boiling contempt for prayers — three times

In the wake of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib spewed out at least three times on Twitter her loathing for the power of prayer from those who expressed shock and sadness at the events and said they were praying.  Look at how repugnant this is:

She also retweeted this:

The nastiness with which she replies to two Republicans who express a sincere appeal to a higher power in the face of the inexplicable is utterly revolting.  It's the kind of contempt Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin once had for the religious faithful.  The two Republicans she spews the bile at were expressing some kind of reverence and humility, a trust and turning to a higher power in the face of loss, same as people have done for thousands of years.  Tlaib reacts to that with basic leftist viciousness, sounding like Stalin asking Roosevelt how many divisions the pope has, and all of this based in part on her same Marxist ideology.  She's got some kind of problem with God, and she's got an even bigger problem with those who don't.  When she sees humility toward God expressed by people she doesn't like, its effect is to make her aggressive.

It all shows what a morally vacuous person she actually is.  God, in her view, just isn't good enough.

Prayers not "working"?  As if they're some cheap Chinese-made device that either "works" or doesn't work?  This is a pretty infantile, underdeveloped understanding of the power of prayer, or why people do pray.  It's also amazingly irreverent.

Prayers not "cutting it"?  Cutting what? She apparently knows the mind of God better than God does.  And, well, God doesn't measure up to her tough standards about why He might allow something to happen, something that in any meaningful religion is unknowable.  Based on her tweets, God either needs to shape up or ship out.

And it's not enough to have a problem with God or a imbecilic understanding of why people pray.  She has to go one further and spew some hatred at those who do pray.

Without irony, she also threw in this:

Resilience and love? You don't get those things without some fealty to faith.  She sees the effects of faith in that — yet has nothing but boiling contempt for faith, which is quite a contradiction.  Tlaib's tweet about love reads "like the word 'love' from the mouth of a whore," as Ralph Waldo Emerson (a guy who gets a lot of people in trouble for quoting him) reputedly said, and perhaps some others as well.

This, by the way, wasn't Tlaib's only offensive tweet.  For good measure, she threw in this repulsive and unsolicited instance of equivalence, defending the people who introduced the world to terrorism as models of virtue compared to the vile criminals of El Paso and Dayton:

See, terrorism isn't terrorism when people she likes do it.  Palestinians are among the world's foremost practitioners of terrorism and have yet to acknowledge Israel's right to exist, so it's strange stuff to see her bring them up now.  The Palestinian "human rights advocates" she's all in favor of have rained masses of terror on Israel and beyond; engineered the Munich Olympic massacre; enacted the Achille Lauro high-seas hijacking that saw the hurling of an old man in a wheelchair into the sea; and inflicted countless air hijackings, pizza parlor massacres, terrorist family payoffs, and other sick activities, in addition to being world leaders in corruption.  These "human rights advocates" she praises have quite a record to be proud of, one that dwarfs that of whoever these lone freaks are she's got packaged into the label "white nationalists," which of course would include the Dayton shooter, who was a Bernie Sanders–, Elizabeth Warren–, and Antifa-supporter.

What we see her is a very pinheaded understanding of faith, prayer, and religion, augmented by a boiling contempt for those who are religious.  This is an intolerant person.  She's right there in left-wing extremist tradition.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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