Press has a lot to answer for for its treacly, heartstring-tugging portrayal of an illegal -- who just mowed down a father of five

In the latest instance of an illegal immigrant walking around with impunity and escalating his crime spree, we have this outrageous story from the Daily Caller:

An illegal immigrant who received positive press coverage during his fight against deportation earlier this year struck and killed a father of five in Colorado on Aug. 2 while driving without a license.

According to press reports, Miguel Ramirez Valiente was charged with careless driving with a revoked license after he over-corrected his truck while driving on a state highway near Colorado Springs, hitting Sean Buchanan.

Buchanan was riding a motorcycle when he was hit by Ramirez Valiente, who came to the U.S. from El Salvador 14 years ago.

Ramirez Valiente has several prior charges on his arrest record.

According to a CBS affiliate in Denver, the man had previously been in the news, sympathetically portayed by church activists as a model illegal, deserving of no deportation. The only injustice, in fact, was that he was being ordered shipped home. He got his sanctuary, and the media bought and broadcast the whole thing lock stock and barrel.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot

Look at that modern-church podium. Look at those head-tilting concerned clerics. Look at the pompous and pecksniffian piety, all parties around the man convinced they were protecting a saint against the horror of horrors of him having to live in his homeland of El Salvador, based on what they claimed was a flimsy and capricious enforcement effort from a minor and inconsequential crime. Here's what Daily Caller reported was the true story:

CNN did not cite Ramirez Valiente’s rap sheet when the network published a sympathetic profile of him in January, after he took refuge in a Colorado Springs church to avoid deportation.

Ramirez Valiente said during a press conference at the church that he came to the U.S. 14 years ago from El Salvador, where he says he fled gang violence.

He first came on the radar of U.S. immigration authorities in 2011, following a traffic stop. He claimed in the press conference that he had been fighting his immigration case for eight years, and that he had never missed an immigration hearing.

Oh such a model illegal who, after all that, deserves to stay, well ahead of other legal immigrants waiting in line. The Daily Caller points out that behind that phony "narrative" CNN was concealing a full blown crime spree. The illegal was the good guy, and anyone trying to throw him out for his crimes was a bad guy.

Now a father of five is dead and what we see now is that both the press and the church activists were running a dirty protection racket for criminals. The illegal should have been thrown out years ago. The defenders of this illegal now have blood on their hands.

The Daily Mail tried to put out a counter-narrative that the man killed was some kind of Darwin award case, based on his belief that illegals should be permitted to stay here, too. All they proved, actually was that the father of five was a kind man and tthe Daily Mail is just a tad obnoxious. Its narrative shows the extent to which press coverage about illegals has been unnaturally in the tree of open-borders activists. Illegals, no matter how many crimes they have committed, are always portrayed in the press as the good guys and their crimes are either concealed or minimized (often as some little speeding traffic stop) when in reality, there are often a string of crimes involved. It takes a lot to get someone deported, yet when it happens, law enforcement is always portrayed as evil and the illegal is the protagonist. 

Fact is, we have seen this idealization of illegals almost constantly in the press, maybe most famously in the story of the caravaner, Lady Frijoles, Mirian Zelaya, who was defended in the press as a put-upon migrant for calling Mexican tortillas and beans donated by volunteers food fit for pigs. That enabled Zelaya to get let in to this country ahead of the other waiting migrants, after which she then got busted pretty quickly for assaulting someone in Dallas.

It highlights the mass media distortions about illegal immigrants, who like any people who leave their homes are often misfits and within that category, frequently criminals. The crime stats show that our prisons are full of illegals well out of proportion to their numbers and that one crime from an illegal often leads to another. Cross the border illegally and the next stop is stealing someone's Social Security number. Next up, marriage fraud. Or crimes of disorder, fueled by impunity as judges throw out cases to prevent deportation. For some, the pattern extends to complete lawlessness and as in this case, heads up to murder.

The press has a lot to answer for this. Kudos to the CBS affiliate for exposing this revolting treacle about this illegal. CNN and all of the mass media who refuse to do their job and report objectively need to be held up to public scorn for it. They aren't on the people's side, they are nothing shills for illegals and the criminal cartels who profit from them.