Pocahontas surges to lead for Dem nomination in odds offered by bookies

People who are willing to put their money at risk now think Elizabeth Warren is the favorite to win the Democrats' nomination, according to TMZ, which has cited the data on US-Bookies.com.  Biden's polling lead apparently impresses them about as much as it impresses me.  As one pundit noted, it's difficult-to-impossible to find voters who are enthusiastic about Biden.  Most just settle for him because the rest of the field is so pathetic.

I welcome this news because Warren is a phony who cheated her way into prized Ivy league faculty slots on the basis of affirmative action preferences for "women of color," as the Paleface Pocahontas used to describe herself.  Her recent vague "apology" for the unspecified "harm" she did will not suffice with African-American voters.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

Here is a truth that our media friends are loath to acknowledge.  Black voters hold de facto veto power over a Democrat nominee gaining the presidency.  The Democrats' racialism has alienated a sufficient portion of the white voters to make very high black turnout and ultra-high support (90%+) absolutely essential for Democrat presidential victories.  A nominee who is incapable of generating that level of enthusiasm not only loses the White House, but dooms the House and Senate candidacies of Democrats in localities where the black vote is the margin of victory.

I don't see an arrogant phony like Warren as able to overcome African-Americans' resentment of her appropriation of racial spoils they regard as their own.

By the way, for very different reasons, Pete Buttigieg hasn't got a chance, either.  But his future hopes depend on changing African-American attitudes the way white attitudes have already changed.  He has a better prospect on 2028 than Warren has today.