Philadelphia shootout reminds us why it's good for good guys to have guns

With all the hand-wringing and crocodile tears over the mass killings in the U.S. over the past several weeks, not to mention the daily bang, bang, bang of one-by-one killings in mainly Democrat-controlled cities, the Democrats are doing what Democrats do best: exploiting the tragedy of others for their own control-the-people-and-incidentally-benefit-ourselves goals.

(Democratic president wannabes began commenting immediately on the Philadelphia police standoff against a known drug dealer and criminal.)

"This is all Trump's fault," they shriek, although President Donald J. Trump (R) was nowhere near these incidents and by all accounts did not know any of the shooters.

"Gun violence must be stopped!" they continue to shriek, ignoring the simple commonsense fact that guns are inanimate objects.  Then these top-down control dictators demand stricter gun control and licensing laws, conveniently ignoring that most of murders by guns are committed by people who — and oh, what a shock! — are criminals who won't be deterred by gun laws.  By definition, criminals don't follow commonsense laws. 

Licensed gun-owners, who actually go through the trouble of dutifully licensing their guns, are generally law-abiding citizens who use their guns for pleasure or protection.  But the shriekers, non-inclusive and non-diverse as they are, know few gun-owners.  And so they dismiss such studies as John Lott's succinctly titled More Guns, Less Crime and other fact-filled analyses such as this one from the Heritage Foundation, "Here Are 8 Stubborn Facts On Gun Violence in America," disproving the liberal shriekers' claims.  It doesn't fit the narrative of evil white male destroying the safety and calm of all with irresponsible gun use.  Because the real narrative is so unpolitically correct.

And that is why this "good guy gun-owner shoots bad guy criminal" incident in a town about 30 miles from Chicago received minimal publicity.  Upending many favorite liberal — but totally unsubstantiated — narratives not only about gun-owners, but sex, race, age, and location, it busts the liberal theory in all categories.  But this type of gun incident, with minimal loss of innocent life, that doesn't advance the shrieking liberal cause happens.

So, good guys and gals — protect yourself.  And while you're waiting for your concealed carry gun license, maybe get a knife, as in strict gun control London.