Party like it's 1972?

The way things are going, the 2020 election may end up resembling that of 1972 — almost half a century (48 years) ago.  Back in August 1972, the last U.S. ground combat unit departed South Vietnam.  We still had 43,500 advisers, airmen, and support troops but they were not engaged in combat.  As a consequence, casualties and fighting were no longer on the front pages.

The war was over, and Americans knew it.

So what did the Democrats do that summer?

They nominated Senator McGovern who ran as the anti-war candidate at a time when the war was for all practical purposes over.

The convention was an conclave for radical ideas, and the nominee did not speak until after midnight.  No prime-time speech for McGovern!

McGovern's acceptance speech (YouTube screen grab).

The election is still many months away.  God only knows what we will be talking about next summer. 

I would not be surprised if the Democrats nominate a candidate who is telling employers and employees about the terrible U.S. economy, defending late-term abortion to a country that does not support it and explaining health care for illegal aliens.

Like the Democrats of 1972 who gathered in Miami, the 2020 delegates may discover that they are out of tune with the people watching at home.

Like McGovern in 1972, the nominee will not be able to control the radicals on the floor or the outrageous words coming from the front. 

It will make for some fun TV!

Again, the election is in the future, but the Democrats are doing a great job of making President Trump's reelection looking very possible.

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