Omar, Tlaib, and the 'International Holocaust Cartoon Contest'

Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), founding members of the U.S. Congress's Muslim Sisterhood, recently planned a trip to Israel, a trip that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed was to be funded by Miftah, a radically anti-Semitic organization with ties to Palestinian terrorism.  According to The Washington Examiner, the group has promoted "Neo-Nazi material and the doctrine of 'blood libel,' which claims that Jews used Christian blood in the Jewish Passover."  The group has also "proudly praised female suicide bombers."  Omar and Tlaib have previously defended Palestinian terror attacks on Israel.

The Dogmatic Duo's request to enter Israel was therefore temporarily denied.  Then Tlaib, apparently with sad eyes and heavy heart, sent a letter to Israeli interior minister Aryeh Deri, pleading that she be allowed to see her elderly and ailing grandmother on the West Bank, as it would probably be her last chance to do so.  Her request was quickly granted.  Tlaib then declined the offer, prompting Deri to say: "I authorized this humanitarian trip, but it turns out that it was a provocation to embarrass Israel.  Her hatred for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother." 

The two then took to Instagram to post a cartoon lampooning President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu for allegedly silencing them.  The cartoon shows Netanyahu's hand covering Tlaib's mouth and President Trump's hand covering Omar's.  Turns out, Carlos Latuff, the "artist" responsible for the "cartoon," is the selfsame anti-Semite who finished second in something called the "International Holocaust Cartoon Contest" in 2006, hosted by Iran.  Note that to the Left, a "Holocaust Cartoon Contest" is apparently okay, but anything treating Muhammad with less than absolute reverence is legitimate grounds for killing anyone and everyone involved.  "Holocaust Cartoon Contest"?  Do Iran's mullahs hold a "Cancer Cartoon Contest," too?  Or a "Pedophilia Parody Tournament"?  Actually, I'm afraid I know the answer.

Tlaib was first to post the cartoon on Instagram with the message: "The more they try to silence us, our voices rise.  The more they try to weaken us, the stronger we become.  The more they try to discredit us, the truth prevails."

Sounds as though she's using the very words victims of the Holocaust might have spoken.

Conservatives and Trump-supporters should take note.

Image: Tony Webster via Flickr.