New York Times caves to political pressure from Democrats, changes headline on top front-page story

August the sixth is now a day that commemorates two nuclear weapons forcing surrender.  The first, of course, was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on this date in 1945, forcing Japan to surrender, ending World War II.  The second August sixth is today, marking the moment Democrats (including presidential contenders) went nuclear, causing the New York Times to surrender editorial control of its front page to a leftist mob using Twitter in place of B-29s.

Here is the original front page, which quickly was judged insufficiently hostile to President Trump:

Nate Silver, the polling guru, appears to have triggered backlash from politicians and pundits with this mildly critical tweet:

Soon after, self-interested Democrats seeking to defeat Trump piled on with tones of outrage:

But leave it to the real leader of the Democratic Party to deliver the decisive blow: "white supremacy":

Disgracefully, the Times surrendered:

So much for integrity and journalistic independence.

Naturally, once you surrender to bullies, they will not be appeased:

I would note that Hiroshima recovered from its nuclear devastation remarkably well and today is a thriving city.  My guess is that the New York Times will never come close to that level of recovery.