Much worse than a gaffe: Biden boasts of a fantasy meeting that couldn’t have happened

Joe Biden’s mental state has so seriously deteriorated that he cannot separate fantasy and reality. That makes him too dangerous to be considered as a possible President of the United States. That is the only conclusion possible in the wake of what is incorrectly being characterized as a “gaffe.”  Emma Kinery reports for Bloomberg:

Joe Biden said he was vice president when the deadly high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, took place. Except, it happened in 2018, more than a year after he left office -- the latest gaffe by the Democratic presidential front-runner.

On its own, this could be put down as bad memory, an understandable mistake in chronology, especially in someone well into his seventies. But Biden went on to claim:

YouTube screen grab

“...those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.” But when they visited Capitol Hill to talk with members of Congress, lawmakers were “basically cowering, not wanting to see them. They did not want to face it on camera.”

The kids could not have seen him in the Vice President’s Capitol office – as presiding officer of the Senate – since Biden was no longer the occupant of that office.

Biden fantasied this meeting and presented it as fact in public.

His recent gaffes already are horrendous. “Poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids” clearly indicates a mind that sees non-white (presumably black) kids as poor and in need of defense of their intellectual capabilities. “We choose truth over facts” plays directly into the progressives’ dismissal of facts as less important than the “higher truth” of the narrative they want to sell.  Or who prize being “morally correct” over mere facts, as AOC has done.

But those disturbing comments can be written off as a poor choice of words. Claiming to have met people in circumstances that did not happen is of a different order entirely. It indicates a mind that is not grounded in reality.

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