Mass shootings, politics, and the law

In Federalist #51, James Madison wrote: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." Madison's perspective is applicable in today's debate regarding gun laws.  Society clearly needs laws because we are not angels — but we also need to understand that laws function effectively when they are respected, and as crime statistics (including school shootings) indicate, there are those in society who simply will not and do not respect the law. There can be no argument that once laws are duly passed, they should be respected and followed — of that, few would argue — but what is arguable is when laws are not respected, more laws do not result in more respect for those laws.  The evidence is quite to the contrary, the effect is inversely proportional — more laws without a change in enforcement results in less respect and less obedience.  As Tacitus said, "The more numerous the laws, the more...(Read Full Post)
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