LGBT and fourth-graders

I feel sorry for my nine-year-old niece, who is about to start fourth grade in the Chicago Public School System.  According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois has passed a law requiring that "the history curriculum in public schools include lessons on [sic] the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Illinois and the United States.  The lessons must be taught to students before they complete the eighth grade."  The law is set to go into effect in 2020.

Question 1: Why is someone's sexuality important to history?

That's the same question Illinois state representative Tom Morrison (R) asked.  "How or why is an historical figure's sexuality or gender self-identification even relevant, especially when we're talking about kindergarten and elementary school history?"  (See, we aren't all insane liberals here in the Land of Lincoln.)

Rep. Morrison has another, equally disturbing problem with this legislation.  "Furthermore, there's no parental opt-out nor even any notification so the parents can know if, when, or how to talk about these topics with their children."

No parental opt-out?  Since when do legislators in Illinois get to override our First Amendment rights of freedom of religion?

Question 2: What data are going to be used to determine which historical figures were sexual deviants?

Democratic legislators in Illinois claim that the information taught will be based on historical facts.  Really?  Is there some branch of research devoted to sexual deviants in history?  Is solid historical proof going to be required, or simply innuendo?  Are the Obamas going to make the list?

So children can't pray in school because it might offend someone (who that someone is, we don't know).  But they can be forced to learn about sexual deviants and sexual deviancy, because parents can't opt out of this curriculum.

Is it any wonder people are fleeing Chicago and Illinois in droves?

My poor niece is about to be brainwashed in the Chicago Public Schools — and, I fear, her liberal parents will be okay with it.

I just pray she graduates before they decide to teach about the historical contributions of bestiality practitioners.  (Catherine the Great, it will be your time to shine.)