Kamala Harris stooped low to smear Tulsi Gabbard after getting taken down by her in presidential debate

The powers that be in the Democrat media complex desperately want Tulsi Gabbard to go away.  There are signs everywhere that Kamala Harris is the favored candidate of the media-Democrat establishments, as they have written off Joe Biden as too old, too dumb, and too white and male.  And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Tulsi Gabbard showed her up with devastating criticisms in the second round of Democrat presidential debates.

YouTube screen grab.

If you missed it, Monica Showalter reported on these pages yesterday that Tulsi "knocked Kamala off her pedestal."

Harris's abysmal record as someone who's refused to correct false testimony, thrown petty drug criminals in jail even as she laughed about her own pot use, and advocated for the death penalty is indeed a liability and something conservatives have been complaining about for years.  Now coming from Gabbard, it was, if anything, even more effective.

Rather than respond substantively to the issues, Kamala Harris's campaign resorted to the lowest form of smear — one familiar to supporters of President Trump.  It's "Russia!  Russia!  Russia!" all over again.

Senator Harris left it to her press secretary, Iam Sams, to deliver the smear in a series of tweets:

The ladies of The View chimed in, with other smears of Tulsi, with Joy Behar noting, "Republicans like her" and then nodding her head ominlusly, and Sunny Hostin calling her a "Trojan Horse."

Tulsi hit back hard, with appearances on CNN with Chris Cuomo and on Tucker Carlson's top-rated cable news show.  Carlson referred to the media covering for Kamala as he introduced her:

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