Justice for Epstein's victims is a matter of national security

The media are shocked, shocked at Jeffrey Epstein's putative suicide. Nobody else is.

In the long view, we're all dead, so what's the big deal, right?  Who cares if Epstein died of strangulation or, Clinton's favorite, shot himself five times in the back of the head, AKA Arkancide, or, Stalin's favorite, got run over by a truck, or, Hitler's favorite for a Jew, got gassed, or, Big Al Capone's favorite, got clubbed to death with a baseball bat, or, Shaka Zulu's favorite, got impaled on a sapling?  One way or another, ole Jeff got hit, it was his time, his number turned up, his light went out, and that's the important thing.

Too bad about all those little girls (and probably boys) whose innocence was ripped away by these awful men.  A shame their young lives didn't matter, that they were used and passed around and tossed aside like rags.  It's hard for decent people even to imagine the scene.  One recoils from the sheer evil aboard that plane, on that island, among those people.
We can't just let this go.  We have to insist on justice for these ruined kids.  Where can they go to encounter decency and love and good examples?  Obviously not home, from which many doubtless fled to escape other horrors.  Not to church, where they're likely to encounter more of the same.  Not to the streets, where lives of prostitution, drugs, and disease await.  They never had a chance.  One weeps.  One rages.

Epstein's Island has been whispered about for years.  Clinton's vileness has been known about for decades.  How long does he get to do whatever his filthy mind conjures up, to get away with breaking human law, natural law, God's law?  Bill Clinton doesn't just ruin lives; he ruins whole countries.  His and his wife's evil unleashed all restraints on the ugly Left in Hollywood, the media, the education system, the justice system.  We have no chance of ever bringing the Left to heel if we don't collar its leading exponent.  And if we don't bring the Left to heel, our country is over.

Mr. Barr, Mr. Trump, bring these evil people to justice.  It is a matter of national security.

Image: CBS Evening News via YouTube.