Joe Biden's gaffethon goes into overdrive

Is the presidential campaign trail getting to be too much for 76-year-old Joe Biden?

Any candidate can have a slip of the tongue now and then, but Biden's slip-ups rise to the level of gaffes, given that they reveal a bit more than he meant for them to reveal. And they're coming fast, now, too, cascading into a gaffethon. 

Here's three he embarrassed himself with yesterday, with this pair noted by Fox News's Brit Hume on Twitter:

Also noticed on the same day from Daily Wire's Ryan Saavedra:


Here's yet another on still the same day ratted out by Breitbart:

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday night mixed up the name of the former British Prime Minister Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher – who left office in 1990.

This is the second time in a matter of months he has found himself struggling to correctly name the leader – current or otherwise – of ally Great Britain.

In a way, these remarks draw attention not so much because they are slip-ups, but because they are Freudian slips. Problems with facts over truth? Kind of sounds like Democrats being schooled in basic economics. Also kind of sounds like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's famous defense of her inaccuracies. Facts on the ground have always tripped up Democrats as they promote their socialist ideologies, and now, well, Joe Biden just accidentally admitted it.

There's also that patronizing baloney about poor kids being 'just as bright and just as talented' as white kids. Like that's something his audienced needed to be corrected on. Poor? White? Diametrical opposites? Presumably black and poor are the same thing? Tell that to the Obama children, educated at elite private schools. Worse still, equating 'bright' with 'white' is pretty racist, too. What is he, a white supremacist? It unwittingly calls attention to the Democratic Party's obsessive bean counting on race, something that dates back to its days of supporting the Ku Klux Klan and opposing desegregation. Smart move, Joe. What's that about being white and bright again?

What's more, even if it were true that most poor people are not white, which actually is not true, why would poor people be thrilled to be told that? They already know it, they'd just like some economic opportunity, generally speaking. Biden's gaffe manages to call attention to the lousy public schools controlled by teachers unions which constantly shortchange the poor. Maybe they ought to be gotten rid of if Joe cares about equality of results. Whoops...Joe said too much, again.

And the Thatcher reference, what is that about? Well, Biden is defending former Prime Minister Theresa May as some kind of Trump-hating hero, and somehow using Margaret Thatcher's name in place of May's. If May's the hero here, it suggests that Biden thinks Thatcher is the real hero. Not a good look for a lefty Democrat trying to rally the base.

As Hume notes, Biden makes these gaffes again and again. He's a gaffe machine. And what's more, they are likely the result of too much stress on the campaign trail, a stress that suggests that old Joe can't think straight. 

It signals that all his opponent, President Trump, has to do now is wear the buffoon out, wear him out, in a bid to squeeze the Biden gaffe machine. What a pathetic thing. And sadder still, it's all because Democrats can't come up with a sane-sounding candidate on all other fronts, so the Democratic voters are rallying around Joe. 

If he's worn out now, and stumbling in his words, he's not going to like the big general election coming up in 2020.

Image credit: Official portrait, public domain, with modifications by Monica Showalter