It's now impossible to doubt Ilhan Omar's murderous intentions toward Israel

American congressional representative Ilhan Omar supports Hamas.  She has supported Hamas financially, morally, and politically.  Her support is given despite the fact that Hamas, the charter of which defines Hamas as a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, belongs to the international organization that published its objective of the destruction of the United States, which it also labeled an "enemy state." Article 7 of the Hamas Charter, by way of explaining Hamas' clearly defined objective of destroying Israel and slaughtering Jews, cites the teaching of Mohammed with respect to the last days, when, according to the prophet of Islam, Muslims will hunt down Jews in order to eliminate them. Omar has been banned from visiting Israel since her efforts in support of the destructive agenda of Israel's enemies have been deemed good cause by Israel to prevent her from doing so from within Israel's borders.  But Omar claims that such action...(Read Full Post)
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