Google blacklists American Thinker

In a video and article published on Wednesday, ex-Google employee Zach Vorhies speaks with the antitrust investigators at Project Veritas about the thousands of internal Google documents he recently released to the public.  Among the cache of information is a list of sites that Google has blacklisted with an algorithm developed to alter users' search results.  American Thinker is one of them.

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It wasn’t easy for Vorhies to break away from his lucrative Google salary and come forward with the trove of information that shows a huge political bias by his former employer.  Google even had police called to do a “wellness check” and had him hauled away in handcuffs as an intimidation strategy that shook up Vorhies enough that he actually feared for his own life.

Still, he prevailed, and the whistleblower tells Project Veritas that he feels that a burden has been lifted.

Statements made by President Trump and other conservative leaders about the censorship and bias on sites like Google have been written off as “right-wing conspiracy theories.”  Google enjoys comfortable legal protections under what is referred to as “Section 230,” which means that Internet publishers aren’t held responsible for user-generated content - as long as they remain a neutral platform.

But Google’s actions outline more than just a strong bias, they show active involvement in an Orwellian effort to change of outcome of future elections and the political climate in the U.S.  Google’s internal documents have initiatives with dystopian titles such as “Project Purple Rain: Crisis Response & Escalation,” which refers to keeping an around-the-clock staff dedicated to controlling news narratives as soon as a story hits the headlines.  Other documents show “fringe rankings” and “feed blacklists” as a way to discredit and demote sites which share information without a liberal lens.

If this was honestly about what the users wanted to see, Google wouldn’t have to implement procedures to manually change the rankings as the organic clicks would scale themselves.  Now employees of the tech conglomerate, who once prided themselves as scientists, now treat their own technology like a religion.  It doesn’t matter that machine learning and user trends support what they label nefariously as “alt-right.”  Instead, they will tinker with their own algorithms until they support their faith-based ideals of what “ought to be.”

One researcher, Dr. Robert Epstein, who spent years studying Google and their influence, concluded and testified to Congress that the sequence of Google’s top search results have a measurable sway on undecided voters and in the 2016 election cycle and led to 2.6 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor.  Dr. Epstein warns that those numbers could increase to as much as 15 million influenced voters in 2020.

Modern leftists truly believe that conservatives are evil, so the idea that they have to cheat and manipulate in order to win elections is seen as justifiable and often called “resistance.”  However, thanks to work by these researchers and brave whistleblowers there is and will be pushback.

 Antitrust investigators are flooding to examine these newly released Google documents and pursue their own inquiries into possible violations of law and rights.  President Trump’s administration is now circulating drafts of executive orders to create some sort of policy that will prevent tech giants’ biases and censorship of conservatives.

Legal remedies may be on the horizon as well, such as the revocation of Google’s charters, a seemingly simple solution if Google is found to be breaking real laws here.  Court-ordered dissolutions of companies is a pretty common thing in America and for significantly more trivial reasons, like failures to pay registration fees or late filings of annual reports.

While we just spent years focusing on Russian memes, the real meddling in our elections took place in Silicon Valley.  Sites such as American Thinker are being punished for no more than wrongthink by a small hive of liberal geeks with unrestrained control over our future American leadership.

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