Forget it when journalists and other Democrats stand on principle

Journalists and other Democrats frequently use talking points about the importance of separation of powers, the Constitution, abuse of power, the rule of law and equal treatment under the law, but by their actions we know that they don’t really care.  What would the reporting be if five Republican Senators threatened the Supreme Court with packing? Conservatives frequently don’t vote in lockstep, but the liberals almost always do. The Democrats threatened the court that they better rule the right way. Is that a joke? Dems to Supreme Court: Crank Out Liberal Rulings or We’ll Pack the Court In one of the most blatant and bizarre signs that the modern Democratic Party has come completely off the rails, several Senate Democrats filed a brief with the Supreme Court this week, warning the Justices that they’d better rule the way they want them to in an upcoming New York gun law case…or face the possibility that Democrats will pack the...(Read Full Post)
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