Farcical convention of the Democratic Socialists of America sparks disappointment from lefties, hilarity from conservatives

Left to their own devices, the Democratic Socialists of America put on a convention that has thoroughly demonstrated why they should never be allowed to run anything more important that their own mouths.  By now, you've probably seen some video clips of people out-woking each other, such as this:

It was so bad that Angela Nagle, a left-wing guest on Tucker Carlson's show who supports most of the policy goals of the DSA, sadly admitted that they are driving away many people like herself.  She called out their "bourgeois narcissism," cracking up the host.

The Babylon Bee hilariously satirized their limitations on gendered speech:

But the most telling criticism came from Stephen Greene, AKA Vodkapundit, who featured their revenues and expenses and noticed they've already run out of other people's money: