Even Axios gets the willies about Bernie Sanders's plan to 'restructure your life'

In a startling Axios summary list called "Bernie Sanders' 2020 plan to restructure your life," Axios publisher Jim Vanderhei (and Juliet Bartz) is sounding the alarm about the nightmare scenario of a potential Bernie Sanders presidency.

The piece was featured in Mike Allen's widely read Top 10 — at the top.  It's a piece that looks as if it belongs more at Issues & Insights than center-left Axios.  Axios warns that Sanders is surging in the polls and influencing other Democratic candidates with his ideas and they don't sound happy.  Has a light switch finally been flipped on?  Vanderhei and Bartz write:

A Sanders government would take control of ...

  • Your energy choices: His Green New Deal would spend $16 trillion to force you to stop using the energy mostly used today — oil, gas and nuclear. He promises cleaner power and air in return.
  • Your house and car: The Sanders government would pay to weatherize homes and small businesses, and to upgrade gas-powered cars for electric ones. He would mandate the end of conventional gas car manufacturing in a decade.
  • Your health insurance: He would eliminate private insurance and put you on a government plan more generous than Medicare. No more copays, deductibles or premiums, too.
  • Your current student debt: He would eliminate it for everyone.
  • Your kids' college: Everyone gets free tuition at public universities, community colleges, trade schools and apprenticeship programs, too.
  • Your teachers: He will hire more teachers, pay them more, and fund better school supplies.
  • Your job: He promises full employment.
  • Your wage: He would guarantee you at least $15 per hour.

...and this is far from the whole list, which can be read here.

What it goes to show is that someone is finally taking a look at just how much power Sanders is proposing to appropriate for himself as president and just how little freedom U.S. citizens would be left with once Sanders got done with the country.  I've argued that Sanders's plan would pretty well make America the Soviet Union, given that the percentage of the economy Sanders proposes to control is far closer to what the USSR controlled than what Denmark controls.  Bernie would have you think he "only" plans to turn America into Denmark.

But what he's really proposing is Russia, and John Merline over at Issues & Insights has already been to Bernieville, running the numbers on just how much money Sanders is going to require (and expropriate) to enact his takeover of the economy — $6 trillion a year

Merline wrote about a takeover of "the economy."  Axios wrote about a takeover of "your life."

When you've got Axios out-stating even Issues & Insights, you know that Bernie's ideas are a problem.

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with public domain source and image by Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 3.0.