Elizabeth Warren, the worst of the bunch

"Hi, I'm Elizabeth Warren. Even though I'm as white as library paste, I pretended to be an American Indian to get preferment.  My research on medical bankruptcies was as fraudulent as the way I gamed the racial spoils system.  So you should totally trust me when I say I'm 'capitalist to my bones'!"

The above quotation is from Armed & Dangerous...how each of the candidates would introduce themselves if he were honest.  There is an imaginary intro for each of them, and they are all spot on, but because Warren is allegedly "surging," and because she is the panderer-in-chief, her gross dishonesty must be exposed.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

There is quite the contest among the declared candidates for the Democrat nomination, and for reasons unknown to most of us, they are all clamoring to be the most wealth-redistributing socialist, the most radical, the nearest to communist.  They each advocate for open borders to all who show up, no matter from what home country, no matter how likely they may be to be criminals.  Not one of them cares about the thousands of American citizens who are killed by illegal aliens.  No, they care about only the "poor children at the border" whose parents have either sold or rented them to drug cartels or coyotes for a price.  But bleeding-heart Warren now wants to repeal the 1994 crime bill, pushed by Joe Biden at the time, and that actually worked.  For wholly mysterious reasons, Warren, like the rest of the Left, values criminals, legal or illegal residents, over American citizens.  This is how they roll.  They think this is a winning tactic, as if there are more criminals than law-abiding citizens in America and that coddling them is the answer.

While nearly all of the Democrat candidates are monstrous hypocrites, especially on climate change, Warren may well be the worst of the bunch.  Her despicable record as a liar to gain a position at Harvard is well known; she claimed to be Native American, which, as we all know now, is preposterous on its face.  She gave no thought to taking a position that an actual minority applicant might have won.  In short, she is a woman of low character who is willing to do or say anything she supposes might work in her favor to gain power.  She was once an avowed capitalist who worked for corporations to avoid insurance claims — but no more.  Now she is a fully formed anti-American who loathes the wealthy she promises to punish in order to support the deluge of migrants from around the world she assumes will reward her with their support.

She will, of course, grant them the right to vote, as will any one of the candidates if elected.  If you have entered the U.S. illegally, then Warren and her fellow candidates are there for you.  Commit a crime?  No problem.  The Democrats are there for you.  Need free medical care?  U.S. citizens will pay.  The Left values you over legal citizens.  Warren is the worst of the bunch.  She is the "dead phony walking."  She is a liar and a cheat and, if the nominee, will remind everyone of their most hated elementary school teacher.  She does not talk; she harangues. 

Like Hillary Clinton, Warren is contemptuous not only of Trump and his supporters, but of pretty much all Americans.  By her standards, we are all stupid.  She overstates her significance; we are not as dumb as she thinks.  She is an armchair lefty whose cheap disdain for the rest of us is all there is to her.  The gamblers are betting on her to be the candidate now that Biden's dementia is showing.  What does that tell us about the American left in 2019?  "Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom God leads to destruction" (Sophocles).  If Warren is the nominee, Trump will sail to victory with ease.

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