Elijah Cummings called Baltimore 'a drug-infested area' where 'people are walking around like zombies'

The utter phoniness of the ongoing hissy fit over President Trump's allegedly "racist" tweet calling Baltimore "rodent-infested" has been exposed.  The use of that term occasioned on-air choking up by CNN anchor Victor Blackwell when Trump employed it.  Somehow, nobody much noticed when it was used by none other than Elijah Cummings himself to describe the city he represents in Congress.

I hope President Trump makes this example of the media and other Democrats being repulsive hypocrites a staple of his rallies.

The Trump War Room triumphantly tweeted:

Keep in mind that the term "racist" was used over 1,100 times by CNN and MSNBC discussing Trump's tweets.  And it was never applied to Cummings.

Image credit: Twitter.