Dear Diary, President Trump ignored me again...

CNN's blowhard White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, has another reason to begin with Dear Diary.



According to Brandon Morse, at Red State, Acosta reportedly caused a commotion first by trying to heckle President Trump during a post-G-7 speech, then after he held a news conference, was last seen shouting a question to Trump as he departed, wanting to know if Trump actually believed in climate change. Trump took one look at who was asking and walked off without answering.

Which prompted the characteristic wounded-ego whining from Acosta.


Morse noted that CNN had already reported on the matter last October and actually gotten the answer it wanted from Trump. What Acosta's stunt was really about was this:

Acosta wasn’t asking Trump the question in order to learn something valuable, he was trying to set Trump up for a “gotcha” moment and Trump wasn’t taking the bait. It’s next to useless to give any answer to CNN anyway, as no matter what happens, the network will find a way to make it a damaging news item to Trump.

So, as per the usual, snubbing Acosta isn’t because he’s scared of Acosta and his questions. Trump snubbed Acosta because Acosta is a waste of time.

 And Trump knew from experience very well how to play this big ego like a fiddle.

There was a spat about this matter in 2017, with this Trump press conference non-response to Acosta here.

Then last November, Acosta created another big stink after Trump refused to answer a question, demanding a "right" to get answered and briefly losing his press pass for obnoxiousness. 

After that, in March, Acosta got ignored on a question again, by Trump. According to LifeZette:

Acosta, who earlier in the week discussed the president’s mental stability on the air, complained that a reporter from The Daily Caller was offered a chance to ask a question while he was not.


He also was seen looking sad when no one showed up at a bookstore to buy his book.

There's some ego going on here, and not the manly kind, the Pajama Boy kind, and President Trump knows it. No wonder he ignores Acosta. It's the only way to treat such an embarrassing whiner.


Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with Twitter screen shot and detail from photo by Legoktm via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0




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