David Brock group issues talking points for lefties on Epstein’s death

Far-left propagandist David Brock commands enormous influence in the 90% of our media that lean leftward. He boasted in 2017 that he had a $40 million budget to fight against President Trump, and there is no indication since then that his funding has diminished. Brock’s empire most famously includes Media Matters, the group that supplies daily talking points to media outlets, attacking conservative groups and the newer organization called “Shareblue,” formerly known as Blue Nation Review.

Conservative Tree House has obtained what is says is an email from someone named “Avi” writing for Shareblue, providing talking points to progressives in the wake of the death in custody of Jeffrey Epstein.  

There are two clear initiatives for future propaganda:

  1. Falsely implicate Trump in misbehavior with Epstein, despite the fact that after Epstein reportedly harassed an underage girl at Mar A Lago, Trump threw him out and banned him – well before Epstein’s misbehavior was public knowledge, much less prosecuted.
  2. Imply that Trump’s legal control over the Justice Department, and its Bureau of Prisons, means that he may have ordered Epstein’s death.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for this death to be turned into an indictment of President Trump, not Bill Clinton with his multiple trips to Orgy Island. Regardless of facts, a large number of voters will believe it.  

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