CNN discovers that combining Trump Derangement Syndrome with ignorant reporters leads to embarrassing corrections

CNN’s Chris Cillizza tried valiantly to hew to the Party Line when writing about the story that President Trump is exploring the concept of acquiring Greenland from Denmark. We know that everything the 45th President does is bad, so the only question for CNN people is how to pick and present the data that tries to prove the point. Alas for Cillizza (a graduate of Georgetown University), he chose (or more likely was assigned) the task of using the precedent of acquiring Alaska from Russia to comment on the possibility of a second Arctic acquisition, and he came up with this howler, caught by Ellie Bufkin and Jerry Dunleavy of The Examiner: CNN stated that the 1867 purchase of Alaska by the United States "didn't work out so well" in an analysis article outlining potential problems if the U.S. pursued the purchase of Greenland. "One of the last times the United States bought land from a foreign country was in 1867, when Seward orchestrated...(Read Full Post)
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